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Anyone Think Their Student Loan is Too Large to be Forgiven with a Total and Permanent Disability? record now for obtaining forgiveness of federal student loans for one client is over a million dollars.  So there is no cap — and this took less than three months.  Client consulted with us on 11/11/19 and the Total and Permanent Disability forgiveness of over one million dollars was obtained on 2/4/20.  Of course, much of that debt was interest accumulated over a looonnnnggg period of time.  Something we often see!

The client’s income will be monitored for the next three years.  He can make a little, up to the poverty level for a family of two, from employment income, but no more, otherwise the forgiveness could be reversed.  Income from a spouse or from sources other than employment does not count.

What are you waiting for?  Do you know a family member or friend who can no longer work, who is stressed about their student loans?  If so, do them a favor and share this.

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