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Are You Filled with Questions about how your Children will do School this Fall?

angel-wings-scaledI don’t have kids of my own, but if I did, I would absolutely talk with Kellyann below about how best to do this.  She’s full of good ideas on virtual learning, homeschooling, tutoring, socialization.  Ideas that could really help right now!  Check out her Collaborative Classroom Cubes on her website for instance:

Kellyann Goring has 22 years of elementary teaching experience plus a bunch of years doing tech integrations and teaching teachers how to use tech in their classrooms.  Full disclaimer:  this is a plug for my sister in law — but I felt what she is doing is perfect right now and I hope very helpful to parents, students and even teachers!!

She also discussed the problems and some solutions on a Crushing Debt, How are your Kids Going to School podcast, this week with Shawn Yesner.  Shawn’s a full time practicing attorney, and his wife is a teacher who is returning to the classroom.  They have two small children.  Being in Hillsborough County, the School District just ordered four weeks of distance learning initially, but I heard their authority to do that is being opposed by the Florida Department of Education.  What a mess.

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