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How to Become Debt Free by the Holidays?

Do you realize that if you are constantly robbing Peter to pay Paul and cannot ever get ahead, you could be debt free by the holidays if you qualify for a Chapter 7.  Many clients who come to see us have been struggling with debt for a long long time.  No one rushes to file bankruptcy.  Most everyone tries to pay their bills until they finally can’t.

But a Chapter 7 case takes less time start to finish than traffic court in many cases.  Of course there are exceptions.  But ordinarily a Chapter 7 discharge takes approximately 90 days.

There are some instances where it could take longer:  the bankruptcy trustee needs more information, you’ve delayed the personal financial management course, you are trying to discharge student loans, a creditor or the trustee objects or disagrees with your exemptions.  Hiring competent bankruptcy counsel will make everything go much smoother.

If you would you like a totally fresh start by December, come see us now.  A free Christmas tree to whoever sees this and hires us. 🙂

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