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Can I list only certain creditors in a bankruptcy in Florida?

Many people think it is advantageous to only list certain creditors in their bankruptcy. This is not permissible in a bankruptcy because all creditors must be listed. You cannot favor one creditor over another. However, you can always voluntarily pay a creditor back after a bankruptcy if you wish.

Besides the creditors have their own subscription system with a third party that monitors PACER filings where they will generally learn of a client’s bankruptcy filing even if not listed. Moreover, if the bankruptcy is an asset case, by not listing the creditor, you’ve actually cheated them of monies they would have received in the bankruptcy.

You only become legally obligated to repay a creditor after filing a Chapter 7 bankruptcy if you sign and file a Reaffirmation Agreement with that creditor. A Reaffirmation Agreement reaffirms the debt and sometimes can be advantageous to the debtor if he wants to retain an asset but can’t pay for it outright and in full.

A bankruptcy attorney can best advise as to whether a debt should be reaffirmed, redeemed or surrendered and how it is all done within a bankruptcy filing. Negotiation of debts, or stripping of lien rights is also possible.

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