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Deadline July 12 to Submit Comments to DeVos to Prevent Fraud by For-Profit Schools


If you have a few minutes to add your comments, every little bit helps.

Education Secretary Betsy DeVos has announced that the U.S. Education Department is reconsidering rules adopted last year to protect students and to prevent fraud by for-profit schools. The rules give students a path to relief from their student loans, prevent schools from using forced arbitration clauses to deny students their day in court, and protect taxpayers from paying the cost of student loans or financial aid for schools that defraud students. Comments are due Wednesday, July 12.

Send a comment to tell Secretary DeVos: Don’t repeal or weaken rules that protect students, veterans, and taxpayers against for-profit school fraud:

  • Continue to grant relief to the tens of thousands of students who have applied for relief from student loans taken out to attend fraudulent schools but are still waiting.
  • Stop giving federal loans and grants to schools that do not equip their graduates to succeed in their careers.
  • Immediately implement the ban on forced arbitration to preserve student loan borrowers’ right to go to court if their schools violate the law or break their promises.

Send a copy of your comments to your members of Congress! You can do so easily here, or at NCLC’s comment form.

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