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Deadlines Next Week for PSLF and IDR Audit

Christie_1Don’t forget, next Tues the 30th, is the consolidation application deadline for the IDR account adjustment – often referred to as the IDR Audit.  It’s also the last day before the PSLF processing pause goes into effect, so you may wish to download your payment tracking data from MOHELA before that date.

For more info on the PSLF processing pause:

For more info on the IDR Audit and how it can help you obtain forgiveness by consolidating before 4/30:

We are scheduling our last strategy sessions today and Mon/Tues of next week to help borrowers make these deadlines if needed.  Both attorneys are out Thurs and Fri – unfortunately, there is a nationwide NACBA conference in Colorado on student loans and bankruptcy that we both needed to attend.  The timing could have been better, but that was above our pay grade.

You can go online at to apply for a Direct Loan Consolidation.  Alternatively, you can mail (keep tracking info) or even email to Nelnet – see our prior blog for their email address.  If you have Parent Plus loans, please be aware of the Double Consolidation opportunity and how to do this before July 2025 in order to get into SAVE (which is usually much lower of a payment than ICR).  We have videos about this process up on our You Tube channel – Student Loan Sidebar.  If you haven’t checked out our videos, they are good source of information and you can always set a strategy session with us by clicking the blue box below, calling us at 813-258-2808 or email us at

Double Consolidation:

Arkovich Student Loan Sidebar:

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