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Desperate Mother, Teacher, Bus Driver and Student Loan Captive For Life


Desperate mother, teacher, bus driver and student loan captive for life.

This is the actual signature line of a client who we are helping with her federal student loans.

The short version of her story:  she paid 10 years of consecutive and timely payments only to be told that she had to start all over again with ANOTHER 10 years of payments simply because she had the wrong loan type — and NO ONE at her servicer ever told her this.

Her simple but anguished questions to her servicer:

Q. Don’t you think I should have been told that 10 years ago?

Q. Why would I have chosen to be so stupid to not consolidate my loans to Direct loans instead of paying almost 10 years at full payment if I would have known I would not qualify?

Very good questions.  And these are her questions in her own words.  Questions we are trying to get answers to in our pending class actions cases against Navient and Great Lakes with the class action counsel we are working with.

You might be wondering how this has affected this client.  Well, she’s a teacher in a state with the lowest paid salary.  She will have paid over $120,000 by the time her student loans are paid.  She can’t retire ever she says.  She can’t have a future or provide one for her disabled son.  She also says she can’t even go back to school to make more money.

Fairness is not a word I would use to describe the current student loan landscape.

This person is emailing her congressman and representatives to try and get help also.  I’d encourage anyone who has a spare moment and a story to share should do the same.

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