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Florida’s Hardest Hit Program for Mortgage Relief has Closed for New Applications

During the mortgage meltdown, many homeowners received financial assistance from a fund set up by Florida called Florida’s Hardest Hit Program.  This was primarily for folks whose income dropped during the recession.  Due to lack of funds, the program has now ceased taking applications.

However, there is one assistance program still open – the Florida Elderly Mortgage Assistance (ELMORE) program.  This program offers as much as $50,000 to elderly homeowners who have reverse mortgages.

To qualify all persons must meet certain criteria listed here:  ELMORE

A list of frequently asked questions is available here:  ELMORE FAQ

The purpose of ELMORE is to offer elderly homeowners assistance if they have less than $48,000 in other assets, and can show a reasonable likelihood of recovering from the hardship so as to afford the property charges on an ongoing basis.  Again, this is for reverse mortgage assistance – often to bring taxes and insurance up to date.

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