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Good Bank v. Bad Bank

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On March 9, 2011, Bank of America Corp. (BAC) announced it is segregating its good and bad mortgages into two separate entities. After swallowing Countrywide, Bank of America is America’s biggest lender with 13.9 million mortgages. Often referred to as being too big to fail, frankly it is also too big to manage its mortgage loans competently and effectively as shown time and time again in our foreclosure defense practice.

The riskiest and worst performing “legacy” loans total approximately 6.7 million loans and include those that are currrently 60 or more days delinquent. It also includes those loans often referenced as toxic loans (negative amortizing loans, interest only, Alt-A, and subprime loans). Roughly, this totals approximately $1 trillion dollars.

Keep in mind BOA has approxmately $148 billion in equity. This equates to 15% of the $1 trillion dolllars of impaired assets. BOA is obviously and unquestionably insolvent. The FDIC should have locked the doors already. Some enterprising person or entity should consider filing an involuntary bankruptcy petition for them.


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