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HAMP releases second mortgage HELOCs

I have discussed the many second mortgages that can be removed or stripped off clients’ property in a Chapter 13 bankruptcy due to the low home values in Florida. Today, I’d like to discuss other possibilities to remove a second mortgage that we are seeing. Today for instance, I received a call from a client who filed a Chapter 7 with us awhile back. She now has received approval for a HAMP waiver of her second mortgage or home equity line of credit. A complete waiver, paid in full. She also has completed a modification under HAMP for her first mortgage. Now the home is affordable and it makes sense for her to keep it. Chase was the servicer this client was working with so it may be worth the time to continue to deal with large servicers to obtain these results.

We also are seeing clients being approached with offers to satisfy their second mortgages in full for about 10 cents on the dollar (i.e. $6,000 lump sum payment to satisfy a $60,000 2nd mortgage). Usually this happens after we file a Chapter 13 threatening to strip the second mortgage, but sometimes it may come out of the blue. For a client who qualifies for a Chapter 7, they then have the option of converting to a Chapter 7 to discharge other unsecured debt and not remaining in a lengthy 3-5 year Chapter 13 Plan. Another option is that the client could simply dismiss the Chapter 13 voluntarily if they have no other debt and are current in their first mortgage or able to obtain a modification.

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