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Is Your Airbnb Not Going As Planned?

arkovich_law-narrowLots of folks bought second properties with a plan to do short term rentals through Airbnb or VRO — and now occupancy rates are dwindling, maintenance expenses are increasing, consumer disposable income is declining, and interest rates continue to soar.  While not yet an Airbnb bust, it is not the easy market it was back in 2020 and 2021.  Bloomberg covers some of the problems in its story this week Airbnb Hosting Isn’t What It Used to Be.

So far Florida’s short term rental market hasn’t been impacted all that much – despite the heat this summer.  But if the trends don’t reverse soon, many homebuyers will need to make some hard choices to get out from under the debt in a way that creates as much value as possible and with an intact balance sheet and credit report, before the decision may be made for them.

If this is you and you need help making a plan forward, please reach out to us.  Our practice areas make us uniquely able to find solutions – and the earlier the better in our opinion.  If times get tougher, it’s best to be one of the first out the door as opposed to getting trampled later.

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