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The One Time that “No” Doesn’t Really Mean “No” (RE: Student loan debt)

I read a review a student loan client wrote about me last night and it presented a theme that I have witnessed over and over.  Have you ever been told that you have no options when it comes to dealing with your student loans?  If so, please keep reading.

Here is the Avvo review:  I came to Christie and her team after battling by student loan companies for 8 years. Every other attorney I spoke with wrote me off and when i tried to work directly with the loan company a “supervisor” literally laughed at me. Christie not only offered to help, but she won!!!

Had this client gave up after he talked to the first, second or even third attorney, or after having been laughed at by the loan company’s supervisor, he would still be nowhere.

I was fortunate to be invited to give a CLE seminar to bankruptcy attorneys in Tampa Bay on Tuesday, September 6, 2016, about “Practical Solutions for Student Loans”.  About 40 attorneys showed up.  The first question I asked was:

“How many in this room have clients with overwhelming student loan debt, amounts that are so high that your clients are making life choices because of it?”  Pretty much everyone raised their hand.

Second question:  “How many attorneys here have attempted to help their clients with their student loans?”  One person raised their hand.  Now I think it should be two, because I knew someone in the audience who was doing some student loan work in bankruptcy.  The purpose of our CLE presentation was to help get the word out that something can be done.

Please don’t give up.  We are very proud of our results and our client reviews show the success we are having.  There is a new federal program on the horizon that is being finalized on November 1, called Defense to Loan Repayment.  I hope to have many clients successfully discharge all of their federal student loans from closed schools such as ITT and IADT, among other for profit closed schools using this new program.  We are ramping up now gathering substantial evidence from the government’s investigation, class action cases and prior clients and other sources about the fraud that has occurred and how it interacts with state law.

If anyone has already filed an application, please consider having us review and supplement it.  There are specific state court allegations that will need to be made, and my guess is that most borrowers will not know how to go about this.  You’ll have one chance to get this right.  Don’t blow it.  And ignore everyone who tells you that nothing can be done until you speak with a student loan attorney such as ourselves.  For additional information, please see our website or our Student Loan Survival Center.


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