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PSLF Began in 2007

Christie_1Lots of people are doing the mental gymnastics to determine whether they qualify for a Public Service Loan Forgiveness (PSLF) now under the IDR recount for Direct loans.  More time will count under this program than ever before such as extended forbearances, extended or even graduated payment plans or even just weird payments made from time to time.  Re-dating of all the loans in a Direct consolidation to the earliest date etc.  For many, this IDR recount will be a back door to PSLF after having missed the October 31, 2022 deadline to apply for PSLF.  Once 120 months are accumulated under PSLF, any remaining balance will be forgiven.  It’s 20-25 years for non-public service.

Remember though, any months of employment before October 2007 won’t count toward public service.  PSLF was instituted in October 2007 and didn’t even exist before then.

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