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SAVE limitations?

For those of you facing repayment of federal student loans:  some people are asking whether SAVE is restricted to certain years of loans like PAYE.  Nope.

SAVE is open to all Direct Loan holders, except Parent PLUS.   No disbursement restrictions like PAYE.  So, as long as you have Direct Loans, without any Parent PLUS loans consolidated into them, they are eligible.  If the Parent Plus code is not picked up by your servicer through a double consolidation, it’s possible that SAVE may apply.  But with the new Parent Plus Consolidation Indicator added to the National Student Loan Database we believe that loophole may be closing or has already closed.  We have no idea if this Indicator will apply to only new consolidations or if the Department or its servicers will go back and change someone’s SAVE, PAYE, REPAYE  or IBR to ICR as Congress intended.

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