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Student Loan Debt Relief Questions Answered in Podcast with local Tampa Florida Attorney (Christie Arkovich)

My friend Shawn Yesner interviewed me on his Crushing Debt Podcast that is now available Live:


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Shawn M. Yesner, Esq.

Yesner Law Podcast – Episode 50


Questions like this are asked and answered:

Are you facing garnishment for your student loans?

Are you making huge student loan payments and the balance is not going down?

Are bankruptcy attorneys telling you nothing can be done?

How to get results outside of bankruptcy.

Did you go to ITT, IADT, Everest or one of the other for-profit schools that are now closed – are you aware of the new Defense to Repayment program to show fraud to potentially discharge federal loans up to 12 years later under the Florida discovery rule?

Private loans have statutes of limitations that can prevent enforcement.

Consumer law violations such as cell phone calls after you revoke consent to call can provide great settlement leverage.

Various income based/debt forgiveness federal programs to reduce payments are discussed.

How to rebuild your credit and shave years off your private loan repayment.

How to cure your federal student loan defaults through rehab or consolidation – but there are key differences in why and how to do this.

Some niches are working in bankruptcy for friend/sibling co-borrowers or Caribbean medical schools where the loans are not qualified educational loans.

Don’t assume you can’t do anything.

The goal is to reduce payments to a reasonable and sustainable level with an end in sight!!!

Please check out the podcast, it’s only 15 minutes long and gives you an idea of what to expect if you talk to an attorney about your student loans.  We offer free consultations even by phone.  For more info, check out our reviews or our website.

Also for those of you who are seeking to refinance or consolidate your loans, please check out a recent article at  This article explains federal student loan consolidation basics as well as the benefits and setbacks that are included with it.  Under certain circumstances, consolidation may be beneficial, but there are drawbacks to consider. This article is meant to help student loan borrowers weigh the pros and cons of consolidation based on their unique situation.

We’ll post a follow-up to LendEDU’s very helpful article – a few tips and traps that as student attorneys we’ve learned over the years.

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