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Student Loan Nightmare – Looking for Answers in Bankruptcy Court in Tampa, Florida

ABC Action News ran a story about a Tampa student loan borrower tonight for whom we just filed an adversary lawsuit in bankruptcy court seeking an undue hardship.  Unfortunately he was duped into what is now $164,000 worth of student loans for a worthless degree from IADT.  Worst decision of his life.  In our interviews we got the news journalist to understand and communicate what a fraud the accreditation process is.  The differences between national and regional accreditation was a main focus of the story.  We’ve been trying to get the word out on this for awhile now.  Accreditation is not all equal.  Our client’s degree is in IT – not basket weaving.  But since it is from a nationally accredited school, this IT degree is essentially the same as a degree in basket weaving.  Most employers and educators do not recognize it as a valid degree.  If he wants to advance in his career he has to “do it all over again”.  This means late nights studying, time out of the workforce, more student loans…

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If you’d like to know more about why your nationally accredited school may not be what you think it is, see our earlier blog post Student Loan Nightmares at For-Profit Schools:  Have accreditation agencies dropped the ball?  For more info, please contact Arkovich Law

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