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Student Loan Planner Podcast


Are you wondering about what to do with your student loan debt?  Student Loan Planner had me on as a guest on their podcast talking about the student loan system in general, how we got here, what to expect from a Biden Administration and how to settle or obtain forgiveness of your student loan debt.

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Christie Arkovich who has specialized in helping clients get through financial hardships since 1995. Christie was a champion of the student loan system working for Sallie Mae during the early stages of her career but came to realize that the system is broken. We talk about her work for Sallie Mae and why she “switched sides” to help borrowers navigate the many complexities of the student loan industry.

In today’s episode, you’ll find out:

How student loans used to work with government-guaranteed private lenders.

A brief history of FFEL loans and why they’re so profitable for lenders.

Why Direct Loans are the only ones getting government protection under the CARES Actl

What a student loan stimulus package might include.

What to expect on student loan forgiveness within the current administration.

How loan rehabilitation via the CARES Act could be a historic opportunity.

How COVID has accelerated total and permanent disability applications for student loans.

How to spot student loan forgiveness scams.

Why you need a student loan advocate on your side to navigate forgiveness of student loans.

Possible negative consequences for graduates of nonprofit schools applying for borrower defense to repayment.

What you need to know about statute of limitations and private student loans.

Who could benefit from the services of a student loan attorney like Christie.

Will forgiveness for income-based repayment programs eventually be tax-free.


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