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Student Loan Update!!

Our in person student loan presentation went well this week at the annual Alexander L. Paskay Memorial Bankruptcy Seminar  – hopefully, our efforts to spread the word about student loan debt relief is getting to the masses!

The absolute easiest way to check for updates is our Student Loan Sidebar offered in the quarterly column of a bankruptcy attorney publication called the Cramdown which appears in the right hand column of our home page on OR better yet, our Youtube Channel “Student Loan Sidebar” found here.  The Spring edition was just uploaded today!  Please subscribe so we can continue offering free information about how to reduce student loans.  Our techniques are working and our extremely favorable reviews show this!!

We expect an update on the May 1 payment restart date any day now — we are guessing that it may be moved to the end of the year, and something will be done about the potential tax bomb at the end of an Income Driven Plan.  There are signs in the proposed budget that came out this week that leads us to believe that those taxes may be in line for a waiver – much like the waiver in place now for any student loan settlements that occur before December 31, 2025.  Remember, that only applies if the settlement (including payments) is concluded by the end of 2025 so if you have private student loans, the time to get them settled is now so there is enough time to actually get them paid off under that settlement in the next 3.5 years.

Anyway, please check out our videos here  — and reach out to us for a 1 on 1 consultation if you need help!



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