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Student Loan Updates Available in the Cramdown

It just occurred to me that our quarterly column, the “Student Loan Sidebar,” which appears in our local newsletter called the Cramdown which is sent to fellow bar members and our judiciary for the Middle District of Florida, Tampa Division, is something that everyone may want to see.  These are linked on our home page with no pay wall here.  This version is a little easier to read as it is exactly as it shows in the printed copy.  The Spring version is up now, and the Summer copy will drop any day now.  The full copy of the Cramdown by the Tampa Bay Bankruptcy Bar Association can be found on its website here.

These are regular student debt updates that I have been writing for a few years.  They are directed to our local bar association and include the recent happenings and what attorneys need to know about student loans (for themselves, or their clients).  They are only 1-2 pages in length, have practice pointers and are designed to raise awareness of what the Department of Education has been up to, or recent cases that are likely to impact local folks.  They are easy reads.  Lawyers who don’t practice in the student loan field, don’t know a lot about student loans.  You don’t have to know a lot about your loans to read these, nor do you have to be an attorney.

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