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Walmart Paying Student Tuition!

CNN business recently reported that Walmart has announced that it will provide free tuition for its employees to attend college.  I don’t recognize any of the participating schools below so not sure how much this will impact our Florida clients, but it’s definitely a step in the right direction.  Especially since service industries are having a hard time attracting employees right now.  Maybe this will encourage others to do the same – our small law firm started a similar program earlier this year.

Walmart typically starts employees at $11/hour I’ve heard, so this extra benefit may be the tipping point for someone to get ahead in life.  These benefits are likely tax free (not considered as gross income) — provided they are less than $5,250 per year.  Walmart receives the deduction, and neither the employee nor the employer have to pay payroll taxes on this.  Win-win.

Here’s a list of Walmart’s participating partners:

Johnson & Wales University

The University of Arizona

The University of Denver


Brandman University

Penn Foster

Purdue University Global

Southern New Hampshire University

Wilmington University

Voxy EnGen

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