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We Regularly Obtain Full Forgiveness of Federal Student Loans Through the TPD program

Christie_1Most people I speak with about the disability discharge of federal student loans are concerned that the test is similar to the Social Security Disability analysis.  It’s not.  You don’t have to deal with a scale of whether you can feed or dress yourself.  You don’t have to be approved for SSD.

It’s a vocational test.  Something we’ve dealt with often with our ADA or FMLA work for our former plaintiffs’ employment law practice.

The TPD standard doesn’t mean the borrower can’t work at all, it just means that due to their medical condition(s), they can’t reasonably work enough to be able to sustain themselves. 

If you’d like to have us review your underlying medical conditions and issues surrounding your inability to work full time at what you used to do, please schedule a strategy session with us after the first of the year.  We work with a vocational occupational physician who reviews your medical records and will see you by Zoom if you are located away from Tampa – even out of state.  Our clients seeking a TPD discharge will generally be completed within three months so it’s pretty fast.

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