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What Types of Income is Allowed Post-Disability Discharge of Federal Student Loans?

Student Loan SolutionsSome of our student loan clients have asked what they can make in terms of income and still be approved for a social security disability discharge.  Normally we tell them income from employment counts, income from investments do not.  For those that fear that they have to do a little part-time work in order to meet their bills, the guidelines allow someone to earn up to the poverty guidelines for their family size (and a family of one can use a family of two).

What forms of income are used to determine if I am exceeding the Poverty Guidelines or not?
The only income used to determine if you are exceeding the Poverty Guideline amount is income from employment.

Type of Income Counts Toward Poverty Guideline Amount?
Earnings from wages, tips or other taxable employee pay Yes
Earnings from self-employment Yes
Supplemental Security Income (SSI) No
Child Support No
Federal or state assistance No
Retirement Plan Income No
Unemployment Benefits No
Your spouse’s income (from any source) No


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