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When do you Need an Attorney?

arkovich_law-narrowCan I do All This Myself or Do I Need an Attorney?

Yes, dealing with your debt is something you can do yourself. But like anything, sometimes it is better to hire someone who does this day in and day out. Particularly if you have a lot of debt or assets to protect.  Many of the borrowers we speak with are unaware of key governmental programs and how to jump through the various hoops to qualify. The student loan system itself is the least transparent of any system that I have ever seen in my 30 years of practicing law. For private loans, negotiation or litigation can be involved; both of which a borrower is not well suited for in most cases. We know deadlines that may apply for tax free relief.

If it’s a bankruptcy, we know all the trustees, the rules, the loopholes, basically how to not only get things done, but also to obtain the best result.

An attorney’s office will often start with a cease-and-desist representation letter which will serve two purposes.  One, it should stop all debt collection calls to the borrower and any co-signer. Second, it can be used as the basis of a consumer law violation if the creditor continues to call or write the represented borrower. Violations can then be used in settlement or to escalate the matter to a higher decision maker for possibly better results.  Please discuss any attempts to collect the debt with our office because some of these attempts may have been overreaching and a violation of our consumer laws.

I would want someone on my side just to confirm I’m not crazy and there’s actually a way out of debt.


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