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Wondering if You Are Eligible for Public Service Loan Forgiveness?

Our firm was instrumental in the filing of several class actions in Florida against Navient and Great Lakes for our clients who believed they were accruing time toward public service loan forgiveness — when it turns out their loans were not eligible.  The kicker is all they needed to do was move their loans from the FFEL program to the Direct program.  But this information was never provided by their loan servicer and they now have to start from scratch.  Don’t let this be you:  contact us or a knowledgeable student loan attorney for a check up RIGHT NOW.  Make sure you are on track with these student loans.

Further information about the PSLF program, see our website here.  If you doubt what we can do to help reduce student loan debt, check out our reviews for what our clients are saying.  Do you need a student loan lawyer? 

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