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Continued PSLF problems….. last client of the day yesterday had this to say:  “Navient misled me by having me place my loans on forbearance and deferment rather than on an income driven plan, and also kept me on non-qualifying loans for loan forgiveness for public service.  Had they guided me through this process correctly rather than misled me, I would have had my loans already forgiven because I am on my 13th year with the federal government”.

Instead this client is having to start all over again.  He only owed $20,486 upon graduation in 1994  in seven loans.  He’s been paying what he could for many years.  Now he owes $42,000 — in 2018.  He’ll never see any forgiveness (administratively) because he now makes too much money and has a huge monthly student loan payment.

How is allowed to happen?  This is nothing short of a national tragedy that so many of our public service workers are being denied the student loan relief that they were counting on!

We have a plan for him — but it will depend upon the court system rather than Navient or the DOE.

ABC News featured us and our clients in its recent segment about this happening across the nation and for other clients of ours:

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