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Dear “Student Loan Sharks” regularly ask for hardship letters from our clients in our student loan and other debt settlement cases.

One of our clients began his letter “Dear Student Loan Sharks”….  I took that part out, but if you read his letter, you would be very saddened by what has happened to him.  Out of a family of nine siblings, he was the only one to go to college.

However, his bright future was cut short when he went to I.A.D.T., which was acquired by Sanford-Brown, both of which were shut down.  His credits and degree are worthless.  Employers don’t recognize these degrees and schooling.  These schools told him he could make 90k in his field a few years after graduation.  They showed him charts and graphs.  Upon graduation, he made less than he did serving tables before college.  Now with a mountain of debt.  Federal and private loans.

All of his siblings have moved on with life.  They’ve bought houses, gotten married and had kids.  Not our client.  He’s still buried in student loan debt. He’s worked round the clock for ten years making payments on this student loan debt and getting nowhere.

Hopefully, we’ll be able to help.  But many are out there without recourse, not knowing that there is help in reducing student loan debt.  If you’re reading this, help them.  Send them some links to resources.  We have a free e-book on our website at this link “How to Take Your Life Back From Your Student Loans.”  This client was taken advantage of by predatory lenders and schools.  He was young and didn’t know any better.  Many in his shoes are embarrassed and afraid to ask for help.

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