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Don’t Just Pay Your Student Loans – Without a Plan

Lots of misinformation out there regarding student loans.  If you are receiving a bill, it’s important to speak with an expert or advocate who is on your side — discuss your options, make a plan.  You might save many thousands of dollars by doing this!

There are some important deadlines also for the IDR audit/recount, and Parent Plus loans in particular.  You may want to consider opting out of the IDR audit if you have a long loan history with gaps between loans — you can combine them and get more credit through a consolidation, then opt back in.  But consider a double consolidation if you have Parent Plus loans.  If all of this makes no sense to you, then see us, or someone like us!

Channel 13 10/17/23 Following a three-year pause, student loan payments have resumed for thousands of Americans.

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