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On Hold with Your Student Loan Servicer?

Have student loans that are entering repayment?  On hold with your servicer?  For hours?  Not quite sure what’s going on?

Your servicer is your debt collector — are you certain that whatever they are going to tell you, assuming you get through, is your best option to reduce or eliminate student loan debt?  Try this test:  call 3-4 times, see how many different answers you get…

5.0 stars

Posted by anonymousOctober 14, 2023

Every person who I have spoken with at this Law Firm has treated me with the utmost respect and care, even though I’ve been pretty stressed about my student loans. The government system is broken and it takes a very long time to get any correct information. Christie and her team saved my spirit and helped me work through every step of this process.
I would recommend this firm to anyone who is needing legal representation.
They make you feel like a person and walk with you through challenging situations.


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