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Is Your Crypto Tied up in a Bankruptcy?

arkovich_law-narrowA bankruptcy claims trading platform called Xclaim just closed a $7 million fund raising round after adding a focus toward crypto claims.

If you have funds stuck in one of several centralized crypto related companies which filed bankruptcy last year, this may be of interest to you.  I have no recommendation of this firm and have never used it:

  • Genesis – up to 52.5%
  • FTX – up to 19%
  • BlockFi – Up to 18%
  • Celsius – up to 21% and if less than 5k, up to 40%
  • Voyager – up to 35%

Unlike a personal bankruptcy which can be over in as little as 90 days, a corporate bankruptcy, particularly a complicated one like any of the above, can take years.  It may be worth selling your claim and re-investing elsewhere.  Even in crypto.  Just self-custody this time using a Ledger hard wallet or something comparable.

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