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Monday doldrums quashed: Another 260k in federal student loan debt vanquished“I just found out that my TPD application was approved!!! I can’t describe the utter disbelief, deep gratitude and tremendous relief I am feeling right now!! Thank you so much to you and your team!! The last 12 months have been extremely difficult for me so this is incredible news!”

Christina from Maine

It’s always hard to get started on a Monday morning.  For me, the Playstation is right across the room! – since we’re working from home still.  And that book I started over the weekend, also urging me to come back to it…

Then I run across that client’s email.  Yay, another happy client!  Note she used the phrase “utter disbelief”.  That is a popular phrase, one I’ve heard multiple times.  People out there have been beaten down for so long over the enormity of their student loans that they simply cannot believe there is any way to fix it.  Nothing has worked so far for those borrowers, and it’s often been 10 or even 20 years.

Don’t fall victim to that kind of group think.  Talk to a student loan advocate – preferably an attorney who works for student loan borrowers day in and day out.  Notice I said attorney.  And I said someone who actively works in the student loan arena daily.  Not a bankruptcy attorney who may have never dealt with student loans before.  And not some scam company who happens to call you one day and promises 100% student loan forgiveness.  I promise nothing.  I can’t.  A professional should never promise a certain result — applications, negotiations of settlements, litigation — all we can do is use the tools (education, training, resources, experience etc.) we have, and try our best, but we cannot guarantee or promise a particular result.  If someone does make that promise, they are overstepping and overpromising.  We don’t do that.

Last week, I prepped another round of Youtube videos re: student loan stimulus.  One deals specifically with the recent news that ED just announced the automatic discharge of 323,000 borrowers’ federal student loans who already had been approved for SSD.  We also have temporary suspension of the three year post discharge income monitoring, and likely elimination of that monitoring in the near future.  There is still a huge need for the TPD program though because most of our clients don’t have a SSD approval and it takes 2 to 3 years to get that.  We can get this done in less than 3 months.  Full 100% forgiveness with no taxes in less than 3 months.

Here’s a video from a few months back on the TPD program:

Please subscribe and watch the newest TPD/SSD update following ED’s announcement last week that will drop in the next day or two tops.

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