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The Coolest Way to Pay Off Your Student Loan?

Mint and sell a NFT – preferably a Mutant Ape.  Those that know, know.  Those that don’t, start learning about Web3.

I read on Twitter that someone paid off their student loans with one NFT sale this weekend.  That’s one lucky dude. Congrats!

For some fun reading, subscribe to NotBoring substack.  Fascinating stuff.  One recent title:  Who disrupts the disrupters?  Up today:

Within the next five years, nearly every consumer company, and many B2B companies, will be web3 companies, just like nearly every company became an internet company in the early 2000s. They’ll use tokens, embedded DeFi, and NFTs to strengthen network effects, increase switching costs, build novel user experiences, improve margins, and turbocharge growth. 

Web3:  the thing that the smartest people do on the weekend.

Ok, back to the student loan thing – I’ve got a couple unusual TPD applications to work on this afternoon.

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