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Mortgage Modification: Ocwen’s Increasing Role May Lead to More Principal Reductions

Nation Mortgage News reports today that Ocwen is on the verge of closing on two large MSR purchases: a $15 billion package of nonprime product from JPMorgan Chase, and a $26 billion deal from Saxon Mortgage.

Both could close this month. The $300 billion figure, the company says, excludes the JPM and Saxon transactions. Investment banking officials told National Mortgage News that Ocwen and JPM are discussing additional purchases. Once these two transactions are completed Ocwen will control roughly $140 billion of MSRs, most of it tied to nonprime loans.

The relevance is that we and other attorneys see Ocwen doing principal reductions. Sometimes outright and sometimes in an equity share participation arrangement. Some may only appear to be a principal reduction, but are actually a balloon. We also have been able to have a rapport with Ocwen unlike some other big players.

But the point is if you have been denied a modification, keep opening the mail. Maybe your loan servicer will soon be Ocwen.

By Christie Arkovich

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