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One client’s story: “Goodbye student loans”.

I know the Borrower Defense to Repayment Program has undergone so many changes, and been impacted by political and practical concerns that sometimes none of us knew which way was up, however, the recent Sweet settlement gives hope!  And some much needed finality.  (Remember the settlement is not yet final and could change)  Here’s a Facebook note posted by Nic Brown who has been a very vocal advocate in helping others obtain student debt relief.  His actions to encourage others to speak out, be a class member for various class actions and file claims where warranted, kept the pressure on.  I’m sure many who followed in his footsteps will finally be debt free!

Nic’s story:

In 2008 I graduated from a “college” that promised me a lot in the beginning and ended up being nothing more than a fraud at the end.

They left me out to dry and worked behind my back to milk as much money out of the government as they could using my name before they shafted me with the 100k bill.

Instead of paying the 2k monthly payments for 30 years; I decided to share my story of deceit.  Then, when they threatened to garnish my wages, I got a layer and shared my story again.  Then again.  And again.  And again. This is the burden of advocacy.

And finally in 2016, the courts started to listen.  Jump ahead a few administrations later and it’s finally come to an end this past Thursday.

Took 6 long years and a LOT of fighting, but I can finally say…

“Goodbye student loans.”

Side note:  If you’re an alumni of any of the schools listed below like I was; it’s now time for you to share your story too.  Links in the article below to start your Borrowers Defense application.

Big ups to Christie Arkovich for being my legal navigator and consult over the years.  Couldn’t have beat this without her expertise. Sent from my iPhone Nic

Thank you Nic, and congratulations on a hard fought battle!

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