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PSLF – New Certification Form for MOHELA Transfer from FedLoan

I just wanted to flag that as of  7/1/ 2022, PSLF Certification & Application Forms must be submitted to MOHELA.  Section 7 of the form has been updated to reflect the new submission instructions if it is accessed using this link. However, if you generate the form using the PSLF Help Tool or access it from the FSA Forms Library, the instructions still say to send everything to FedLoan.

Hopefully, FSA will change this soon, but until they do, this could cause confusion.

We can still use the old form despite the changes in the document, but we would now submit it to Mohela.

Remember, the PLSF waiver program is scheduled to end in late October, and right now we are qualifying people under the IDR waiver rules announced in April 2022.  This allows folks to use long term forbearance toward a PSLF discharge.  This is something that wasn’t allowed before and will benefit many people who were unable to make payments while working a public service job.  Direct loans are required to be eligible.

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