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Outside the Box Bankruptcy Solutions for Student Loans



How can a bankruptcy help reduce your student loan debt?

We’ve been making great strides in obtaining student loan debt relief in bankruptcy lately.  Most people think only of whether their student loans can be discharged in bankruptcy.  Usually the answer is “no”.  But that’s not where the focus should be in most cases.

Our goal is simple:   reduce student loan debt to manageable and sustainable levels with an end in sight.  We do this for both our bankruptcy and non-bankruptcy clients.  This may include discharging some private student loans in bankruptcy.  It may include taking advantage of all income based/debt forgiveness opportunities for federal loans, both in and outside of bankruptcy.  Just selecting the right program can make a huge difference.  At least half the clients who come and see us are in the wrong program costing them hundreds more per month in some cases.  Public service loan forgiveness is a huge mess.  New grounds exist to object to private debt owned by NCSLT that can be used to strike their debt – called proofs of claim — in bankruptcy.  All this can add up to hundreds of dollars of savings per month, and possibly tens or more thousands of dollars over a Chapter 13 bankruptcy plan.

Our guest post on what you can do to reduce student loan debt was just published on the Huffington Post contributor page by Steve Rhode, of to help others.  Take a look – maybe something will help you get out of your debt!

Christie Arkovich

(for more info check out our Student Loan Survival Center on our website).  And don’t forget to check out our reviews for how we can help you reduce your student loans.

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