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Reduce Your Student Loan Payment by 88%!

you-got-this-fist-bumpThis could easily be you!  This is a word-for-word review posted this week by a satisfied student loan client:

Christie Arkovich and her team changed my life for the better. I went to her stressed because I couldn’t afford my monster student loan payment any longer (and getting a deferment or forbearance would give me temporary relief, but my already huge monthly payment would go up over 60% after the two year term). Christie assured me there were other alternatives and ended up getting my monthly payment reduced by an astonishing 88% AND emancipating me from having to deal with awful, %#@$ Navient. The process was very smooth, easy and inexpensive (she even offers a payment plan). If you are in despair over your student loans, give her a call – seriously. I’m NOT stressed about my loan for the first time in over ten years, it’s incredible – thank you, Christie!!!

Own your Student Loans — Rather than Owing them.

You Got This – with a little help from us student loan lawyers.  See our Student Loan Survival Center.

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