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Presenting three topics today for Southern District Florida bankruptcy attorneys who are interested in taking advantage of their new Student Management Program!   Great program so far, tons of material, practice pointers — anyone who couldn’t attend today, contact Tammy Branson in Orlando to purchase the recording.  I wish something like this existed when I first started student loan work on behalf of borrowers.  Would have made a world of difference, and saved me a lot of time!

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The PPP window has closed four weeks ahead of schedule as it runs out of funds as reported by the ABI.

Restaurant owners should apply quickly for then Restaurant Revitalization Fund which opened this week and is expected to go quickly.  Here’s is a guide with helpful information about how to apply and what types of business requirements are necessary.  First come, first served. Here is another guide about who qualifies that is a very easy read and highly recommended.

Folks have been delaying reorganization type bankruptcies to qualify for various stimulus programs.  You should know that recently the rules have changed to allow stimulus and bankruptcy to co-exist.  In other words, filing for bankruptcy protection will not negate applying for government aid in most cases.

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Are you wondering about what to do with your student loan debt?  Student Loan Planner had me on as a guest on their podcast talking about the student loan system in general, how we got here, what to expect from a Biden Administration and how to settle or obtain forgiveness of your student loan debt.

Here is the link to your episode:

Christie Arkovich who has specialized in helping clients get through financial hardships since 1995. Christie was a champion of the student loan system working for Sallie Mae during the early stages of her career but came to realize that the system is broken. We talk about her work for Sallie Mae and why she “switched sides” to help borrowers navigate the many complexities of the student loan industry.

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busyWe have five seminars that our attorneys are presenting at this month and next!

  • Bankruptcy Updates:  COVID-19 Changes to the Bankruptcy Code – The Consumer Bankruptcy Reform Act of 2020,  April 26, 2021
  • SD FL Student Loan Program Virtual Workshop, May 10, 2021.
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forbearance-optionsThe CFPB stated today “[w]e are at really an unusual point in history.  I don’t think anybody has ever before seen this many mortgages in forbearance at one time that are expected to exit forbearance all at one time.”

No kidding.  This may be the calm before the storm type of thing if mortgage servicers don’t get it right when all these forbearances end.

Living in Florida sometimes it seems like the pandemic is firmly in our rearview. While we are still working from home, it’s mostly because we want to be part of the solution, and can get our work done with our cloud server.  But people are out and about pretty regularly now.

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Free course available on April 7, 2021 at 4:00 EST by Student Loan Attorney Christie Arkovich.

Everyone is asking what they can expect from a Biden administration’s student loan relief. In this course, you will learn about the CARES Act and its extensions, including COVID-19 forbearance; interest waiver for direct loans; rules for ongoing collections; and other nuances of these new federal laws protecting borrowers during COVID-19. We will also discuss the tax forgiveness waiver for all student loans provided by the stimulus bill and anticipated forgiveness in future bills. Traps for the unwary will be identified, and solutions will be provided by a nationally known student loan attorney.

Learning Objectives:
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For our CPA and financial planner friends, tomorrow I’m giving a FREE crash course in Covid-19 Student Loan Relief — what’s already happened, what can be expected from the Biden Administration.

You can sign up for Wed. April 7 at 4:00 EST.  You can watch it later also and 1.0 CPE credit is available for this.  Here’s the sign up page:

Hope to see you there!

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TBBBA-logoTomorrow’s TBBBA lunch Zoom 4/6/21 at 12:00 EST is by popular request due to inadvertent atty-client disclosures on Zoom hearings!
My Attorney Client Privilege: What is it? Who has it? And When is it Waived?
Judge Delano will present a refresher on the attorney-client privilege and maintaining client confidentiality.  Avoid the “my client told me” and “I told my client” inadvertent disclosures.
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Here is an advertisement that a client sent me today from a loan she took out when she was 19 years old and didn’t know any better.  She regrets it now when the balance has ballooned for her private loans to 100k and she only makes 35k after being out of school for many years now.  We won’t discuss the additional 350k of federal loans, but at least there are income driven plans to fall back on for those.

There is no safety net for private loans and many lenders took advantage.

Looks like an exhibit to me… and what about this one:

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