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Post -COVID Employment or Apartment Searches: How Not to Get Derailed in the Background Screening Process

When you have an apartment or employment denial, you can call the numbers listed below for the screening company and request a copy of the background report:

  • Accurate Background, Inc. – Irvin, CA 800-216-8024
  • First Advantage Corp. – Atlanta, GA 800-845-6004
  • General Info Service, Inc. – Chapin, SC 866-265-4917
  • ADP Screening & Selection Services, Inc. – Ft. Collins, CO 800-367-5933
  • Sterling – Independence, OH 888-889-5248
  • Hire Right – Tulsa, OK 800-391-0645

You may be surprised at the results you find, and any errors may prevent you from obtaining employment or approval by a landlord.  Not only is it important to have these errors fixed, but you may also be entitled to damages under the Fair Credit Reporting Act (“FCRA”).

Landlord/tenant screening is notorious for the lack of discipline and over inclusiveness in their applicant history matching process.  Social security numbers, middle initials may not match, but the incorrect information is used anyway, rather being discarded.  Same with old information more than 7.5 years allowed by the FCRA.  Those with common names should watch out for this.

For landlord/tenant screening, if you don’t know what screening company was used, the names and locations of the most common ones are listed below along with their phone numbers:

  • Corelogic Rental Property Solutions – San Jose, CA 800-815-8664 (Opt.
  • Contemporary Info Corp – Lancaster, CA 800-288-4757 (Opt. 5)
  • Experian RentBureau – Allen, TX 877-704-4519
  • Real Page, Inc., – Richardson, TX 866-934-1124
  • Screening Reports, Inc. – Wood Dale, IL 866-389-4042
  • TransUnion Smartmove – Greenwood Village, CO  888-387-1750
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