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Throw Your Private Student Loans Out With the Bath Water review from another satisfied customer!  Private student loans begone!

I didn’t think it would be possible

5.0 stars

Posted by LauraMay 29, 2020

I am so thankful that Christie and her team were able to resolve an issue with a private student loan. Many years ago I took a loan to help my sister get her son into a school for children with behavioral issues. I am retired now and can no longer make those payments. Since I had filed bankruptcy in 2012 and that debt was not included I was still having to make the payments.
After I contacted Christie, she told me that the law had changed since then and that there was a strong possibility that we could reopen and include it into the bankruptcy. Since she started working on my case the loan company has agreed to settle the case and I feel so happy that that burden has been lifted.

I hear from people all the time, including bankruptcy attorneys, mind you, “I didn’t think you could do anything about student loans in a bankruptcy”.  Well, we had three successes last week alone:  One with a full discharge, a second with total forgiveness and a third with a 26% settlement.  It was a good week!
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