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Rebuilding Your Credit to Quality for a Mortgage? – We can help!

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Do you want to buy a house now but your finances aren’t quite there yet?  Underwriting requirements are some of the strictest we’ve ever seen even for those with good credit.  Don’t give up!  We have put together information on a variety of private lenders who will finance a home with scores as little as 600 or 620 and in as little as one day after foreclosure, short sale, deed in lieu and even bankruptcy!

Many of our clients who are past their financial problems of the past few years (short sale, deed in lieu, foreclosure, bankruptcy, debt settlement etc.) are now wanting to get into a house, particularly while prices are rising and interest rates are expected to start going up in late 2015 and almost certainly 2016.  Also tenant demand is very strong and it’s hard to find the right place to rent.  Rents are often higher than a new mortgage payment would be for an affordable house bought at today’s prices.

We have many ways we can help such as:

  • Helping to get your credit report in order to qualify;
  • Debt settlement of unpaid items still lingering;
  • Pursuing debt collection violations to settle debt and improve credit reports;
  • Cure or avoid student loan defaults;
  • Reduce student loan payments – private or federal;
  • Helping you to purchase a home you like on an option contract using an intermediary company which buys the home, rents it to you for up to five years until you exercise an option to purchase once you qualify;
  • Working with a new wave of nonbank lenders (private equity, insurance companies, hedge funds, private finance companies) who are lending to folks who are safer than their credit profiles suggest due to the problems of foreclosure, bankruptcy, short sale, DIL being behind them – but not quite long enough to access secondary market Fannie or Freddie type financing. Some of these lenders will approve borrowers in as little as days, weeks or months after a foreclosure.

If you’ve been denied a mortgage, come see us.

If you know you have credit problems, but want to buy a house now or soon, come see us.

You’ll be surprised at the options that are available that are not advertised and readily available to folks with good income who are lacking the traditional credit due to past problems.  You’ll have an attorney who represents your interests to review any contracts with these private lenders.

We offer a free one half hour consultation as to how we can help.  If we can help, we often seek our fees from the other side or offer low payment plans.  Please contact us at Arkovich Law for an appointment.

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