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Three Year Monitoring for Disability Discharge of Federal Student Loans?

Lots of confusion out there regarding the three year monitoring.  The wage monitoring part of the three year monitoring went away, but NOT the three year monitoring as a whole.  What does that mean?

Well, if the borrower returns to school and takes out federal loans, that could reinstate the forgiven loans if done within the post discharge three year period.  The 1099 (which may or may not actually be sent) is supposed to be sent out AFTER the three years are over.  This could render the forgiveness taxable under federal guidelines if done after December 31, 2025.  Congress will have to allocated additional funding to the TPD program to allow for the non-taxability to continue after that date.

Also, if the borrower was approved based upon their SSA status, and that status changes, the loans may be reinstated.  Our clients are approved on a physician’s certification so that shouldn’t matter for us.

Hope this helps clarify the confusion out there!

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