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What if You Borrowed a Little More than 12k? Will You Receive Forgiveness of Student Loans?

Christie_1Good news: the Administration announced last week that in February, it will begin early implementing the SAVE provisions that provide cancellation of borrowers’ remaining balance in as few as 10 years of qualifying payments depending on the total amount originally borrowed.

Borrowers enrolled in SAVE will have their remaining balance forgiven after 10 years of qualifying payments if they originally took out $12k or less in federal student loans, with one additional year of payments required for every additional $1,000 borrowed, up to a max of 20 years for those with only undergraduate loans, and 25 years for those with any federal student loans for grad school.

So if you are a little over $12k initially borrowed, no worries, they are allowing for one additional year of IDR (SAVE) for each $1,000 over.

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