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Weekend Student Loan Viewing – Last Week Tonight with John Oliver!

Christie_1A little birdie told me that Sunday’s show will be about student loans.  I just watched the one last week on Boeing and it was really good!  Made me pretty happy not to own Boeing stock… Here is the Boeing story

You can watch/stream Last Week Tonight with John Oliver on MAX, Max Amazon Channel and Spectrum on Demand as well as HBO of course.

With over 9 million views on the Boeing story, we are hopeful that this show on student loans will help raise awareness of the upcoming April 30, 2024 deadline to apply to consolidate the older federal loans known as FFEL loans to the newer Direct loans.  By doing this before the deadline, you will NOT lose your prior IDR history and in fact can re-date all of your federal loans to the earliest repayment date and get so much credit towards forgiveness.

We’ve seen people with older loans and huge six figure balances, receive almost instant forgiveness (which is presently tax free under our federal system)!  For those with gaps in education, this is a really nice windfall!

Those with Parent Plus loans should be careful though, there is a particular order you need to consolidate to try to get into SAVE for any remaining payments.  You won’t like ICR – the payments can be hundreds if not thousands higher under ICR.

Please get with us if you need help!  We offer paid strategy sessions where we go over exactly what you have and what should be done.  We also have free videos on our You Tube channel called Student Loan Sidebar located here:

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