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Worried about your House and possible Hurricane Damage – Free Grant of up to $10k for Florida residents for new windows, roof, doors etc.

Need new hurricane windows, roof, exterior door or garage door upgrades, roof decks, reinforcement of roof to wall connections? – check out this 10k grant below, opened up with new funding on July 1 for Florida homeowners.  It’ll match $2 for every $1 you spend.  No state tax on several items for 12 months.  Don’t wait to apply, more applications being filed every day.


    •  Single family residence or townhome
    • Homestead exemption
    • Home insured for less than $700k
    • Initial building permit for home issued before 2008
    • Must be below the 80% household median income in your county of residence.

Pinellas County for 2023 (family of 1 – 8 below)

80% of Median $48,650 $55,600 $62,550 $69,500 $75,100 $80,650 $86,200 $91,750

Hillsborough median income is mid $60s varies depending upon number in household.

Process takes 3 months.

See Bay News 9 article:

Link to state program is here:  Includes FAQS, application to apply etc.


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