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Eldercare Legal Services – POAs, Medical Surrogate, Living Wills, Estate Planning on the Increase due to CoronaVirus/COVID-19

I’ve noticed a great deal of anxiety about people who have put off getting essential documents in place:  Durable powers of attorney, medical surrogate, living wills, regular wills and trusts.  This includes not only POAs and medical care decision making, but also planning ahead for advice to protect hard-earned assets and inheritances.

Most of our friends, colleagues and clients think of us as student loan and bankruptcy/debt relief attorneys.  Ironically, we were in the process of opening a new practice area for Elder Care.  Before this crisis, we’d hired a new elder care attorney with 27 years legal experience.  Ha Dao just started with us on Monday.  The timing of this is both good and bad.  Bad in that I’m guessing our student loan work will significantly drop off unless people are now sitting around home growing more concerned about this debt and how to get rid of it.  Good in that we now have the ability to do estate planning and elder care.

The first things we were going to do is get our website re-vamped to include tons of elder care resources, but now I’m thinking with this urgent need, to offer the following for our friends, colleagues and clients starting immediately:


  • Returning client discount 15% (we will grant this to everyone who contacts us and mentions this post in the next 60 days regardless if you are a former or current client);
  • “Keep Ha employed” discount 20% (we’ll keep her employed anyway, but it would be nice to give her things to do!).


This means a 35% discount for all estate planning and elder care legal work for the next 60 days.  Consultations are free and can be arranged telephonically or by video.  Traveling notaries and online notaries are available so no one has to leave home.  Ha can be a good resource of information also as she’s experienced with providers, Medicare and Medicaid, and the court system.

Anybody who knows us are familiar with our stellar reputation – just check out our reviews!  Even though you may not see any elder care resources yet on our website, you soon will, that’s in the works.  But why not see if we can help with this pressing need now!

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