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Important Thing to Remember When Acting as a POA or Legal Representative of a Family Member

The most important thing about being a POA is to sign as POA! If you are assisting an elderly person with his or her finances, including contracting with vendors for services, such as home health services, assisted living arrangements, under a durable power of attorney, you must make clear to the vendor of your role as POA and write out the letters “POA” next to your signature!

Here’s why:

I was being sued by a home health care company which I hired to supplement my father’s care while at an assisted living facility even though I signed for such care under a durable power of attorney. After my father passed away, debt collectors contacted me regularly over the alleged balance of his account of well over $10,000, causing me to be worried, stressed out, and feeling very desperate until talking and working with Ha Dao, an attorney at Christie D. Arkovich P.A., who ultimately got the case dismissed. I would recommend the firm to anyone who has a need for legal services. The result these lawyers delivered far exceeded my expectation, but the best part is it gives me back my peace of mind!

Debra from Tampa.

In the case, our client was told that the POA document she gave them was enough, and she didn’t need to write the POA designation after her signature as legal representative.  I believe that is very misleading!  They sued her anyway.  Don’t listen to the company representative, sign as POA in ALL instances.  If you have further questions about a elder care legal issue, please reach out to us for help!


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