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No End in Sight to Your Debt? Use Your Tax Refund to File Bankrutpcy this Year.

If you are like most Florida consumers overloaded with debt, by not considering bankruptcy, you are continuing to just throw money away on debt servicing. Once you get behind, it can be nearly impossible to catch up especially now with the costs of living rising higher than wage increases. You have options rather than see your money continue to go down the drain: speak with a bankruptcy attorney. Quit delaying. Make a decision now. Bankruptcy may or may not be the answer. But you owe it to your family and yourself to find out if it is.
debt whirlpool.jpgNationwide bankruptcies by consumers declined approximately 10% last year. Is this a sign the economy is improving? In part perhaps. But mostly, it may be from indecision, and the inability to pay up to $2,000 to file bankruptcy. The debt is still there and getting bigger in most cases.

The general need for bankruptcy is still present, but the financial ability of clients to pay the fees has decreased. The availability for credit is diminished. In the past, as long as you were breathing, you were able to secure a car loan and probably even a home loan. Not anymore. Costs of food and other essentials have skyrocketed leaving less disposable income. The availability of funds to pay one-time fees for a bankruptcy attorney or other unexpected expenses is non-existent for some clients.

So what can be done NOW other than just avoidance of the issue and a lifetime of debt payments? Our suggestions are to at least consult with a bankruptcy attorney. We like most bankruptcy attorneys offer a free half hour consultation. Often there are avenues you never even knew about. We offer payment plans. We offer discounts for referrals. If a creditor has violated the law in trying to collect its debt (which happens frequently by the way), we can make them pay $1,000 to $2,000 which our client can then use to file bankruptcy.

At this time of year, take your tax refund and file bankruptcy to get a fresh start right away. If your tax refund is not enough to make a meaningful dent in your debt then use it to solve the problem once and for all by filing bankruptcy.

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