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Our team will be presenting a webinar for the TBBBA tomorrow on The Intersection of Bankruptcy and Estate Planning

Don’t forget to register and put tomorrow’s (9/1/20) TBBBA consumer Zoom lunch at noon on your calendar. An attendee link was blasted out to all Tampa Bay Bankruptcy Bar Association members.
This month we have Ha Dao and Barbara Leon presenting: The Intersection of Bankruptcy and Estate Planning: How to Protect your Clients in this Life and Beyond. Examples of some questions to be covered include:
  • What happens to my inheritance if my parents, grandparents, etc. die while Iā€™m in bankruptcy?
  • Can I transfer my beneficiary interest to someone else before I file my bankruptcy?
  • I am the beneficiary of a trust ā€“ what happens to that when I file for bankruptcy?
  • I have a trust in my name ā€“ are the assets in the trust protected if I file for bankruptcy?
  • Can I file a bankruptcy on behalf of my incapacitated spouse, parent, child, etc?
  • Can my family member amend their will to remove me as a beneficiary before I file bankruptcy?
  • I share an inheritance with other family members, what happens to my portion of the inheritance when I file bankruptcy?
Ha Dao has recently joined our firm with a practice area in advocacy for our elderly population. She has been practicing law for 28 years, much of which has been in consumer law for the Florida Office of the Attorney General and an estate planning firm in St. Petersburg.
Barbara Leon who has been with our firm for over six years now, after having graduated with both a J.D. and M.B.A., has practiced law for 18 years beginning with an internship with the US Attorney’s office, and a clerkship with a Federal Magistrate Judge. Much of her career has focused on consumer and corporate bankruptcies.
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