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Need new hurricane windows, roof, exterior door or garage door upgrades, roof decks, reinforcement of roof to wall connections? – check out this 10k grant below, opened up with new funding on July 1 for Florida homeowners.  It’ll match $2 for every $1 you spend.  No state tax on several items for 12 months.  Don’t wait to apply, more applications being filed every day.


    •  Single family residence or townhome
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arkovich_law-narrowI was reading about Solomon’s Paradox today:  We’re better at solving other people’s problems than our own, because detachment yields objectivity.”  So true.  I enjoy solving a client’s problem, will do multiple rounds of negotiation, think outside the box for unusual solutions etc.  But when faced with buying a new truck, I recently told my husband that I’d rather get a root canal.  These things are fun when done for others, but simply work when done for yourself.

Then I saw Kross’s update in 2014 who stated “viewing oneself in the 3rd person yields the same detachment, so when trying to help yourself, imagine you’re helping a friend.”

I often will say in consults that if someone were a member of my family, I’d recommend….  Good approach for our law firm to take, as well as for personal matters.

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We’re presenting at a Webinar on Tues (on demand later) for student loan update post Supreme Court decision. Cost is only $25 through PLI.
Or you could read the 427 pages of new IDR regs if you prefer 🙂
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arkovich_law-narrowWe received this inquiry today from a fellow bankruptcy attorney:

I have a client who had a Chapter 13, which due to it being a 100% plan, ended off paying off the Proof of Claim Amount at 100% in the bankruptcy.

Years later, (Insert Private Student Loan Company Here) is coming back after her arguing that during the bankruptcy, interest continued to accrue, and now she owes $3,700 in interest. In the Chapter 13 Trustee’s Final Account they paid the POC principal PLUS interest.

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arkovich_law-narrowThe FHA Covid-19 Forbearances allow for reduced or suspended payments without specific terms of repayment, for six months at a time, up to 18 months.  Deadline for applications was May 11, 2023.  The end of the health emergency is now over.  If you’ve lost your income, job change or divorce for instance, you may have qualified for this relief.

A FHA Covid-19 Modification is called Advance Loan Modification.  If a mortgage loan is in forbearance, the review will occur within 30 days of forbearance ending.  For those mortgage loans are not in forbearance, if the loan is 90 plus days delinquent it must be reviewed for a modification offer on or before 10/30/2024.  This is still in effect!

January 2023 new guidelines:  a substantial change is that the guidance now applies for non-occupied borrowers.  Some other notes:

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arkovich_law-narrowLenders will often try to get a note and mortgage into evidence with a simple endorsement in blank of the promissory note.  This can be defeated.

The mortgage is the issue.

A mortgage follows a “note” but a mortgage does not follow a non-negotiable instrument. Since Florida Statutes Ch. 673 does not apply, the transfer of the mortgage is governed by chapter 679, which requires a written assignment. The attempted transfer of the non-negotiable instrument should be ignored.

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cramdown-picWe write a column – that has become 1-2 pages due to all the stuff going on — called the Student Loan Sidebar in our local Cramdown publication to all bankruptcy practitioners including debtor attorneys, the creditors’ bar and our judiciary.

Because not everyone has access to this publication, we also have a copy added to our home page of our website.  Here is the Spring Sidebar:

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arkovich_law-narrowThe United States Trustee Program (USTP) has resumed audits of individual chapter 7 and chapter 13 bankruptcy cases under the Bankruptcy Abuse Prevention and Consumer Protection Act of 2005 on March 13 ,2023.

What does this mean if your case is selected?

The USTP contracts with independent firms, utilizing certified public accountants and independent licensed public accounts, to perform audits of individual chapter 7 and chapter 13 cases randomly selected by the USTP. The purpose of the audit is to determine the accuracy, veracity, and completeness of petitions, schedules, and other information required to be provided by the debtor under sections 521

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SouthTampaWorkspace1Our ad came out in the Hillsborough County Lawyer Magazine today for our new Workspaces in South Tampa.  Yay!  During the pandemic when our team started working remotely, we fully renovated our office space to offer a “sometimes” office as needed for both us and our colleagues.  We offer several different packages, from a simple mailbox/reception services to a place to sit with a laptop, an office (with a door!) a few days a month with some conference room time, to a fixed office that only you occupy.  Come and go as you please with your door code, easy online reservations and payment, free ample parking and lots of services like high speed scanning, wide-screen monitors, shredding and notary, extra comfy and professional desk/chairs, sitting areas, a pub kitchen and more!  Come and check us out if you are a professional/attorney and are in need of a place to be occasionally or full-time!

We’re a little different than a larger co-working space because we understand the needs of our attorneys, have cross-referral networking opportunities, and don’t nickel and dime the small stuff.  Also, no binding year long contract.  – more pics and pricing.

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